Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I feel really disabled.  The NBI which appeared on Sunday, with the Maltese Falcon, bears a misspelling of the word "Dingus".  It says "contemplating the Digus". I am not sure what the Digus is myself and I am sure that Dashiell Hammet never did either.  Please support the National Dyslexia Foundation. I will go back to my spelling dictionary and in the mean time....

For those who just can't get enough of Women's Gymnastics.... here is what you might have missed last night.  I offer it for as my blog comment for today.

As you were,


Roomie said...

To begin with, I do know who Raymond Chandler is and Dashiell Hammett and "The Maltese Falcon," but went to google "Digus" and didn't want to show further ignorance by asking what that was, but now I feel MUCH better to know that it was YOU and not "the old retired teacher in Arkansas." I also know what the circle with the line means...'NO BLOG TODAY,' but thanks for telling me anyway. Mandy thinks that you should have put her photo in place of the falcon as she is more important to you and would have made more of a statement. Well my time on the pc is almost up for the day. I missed Paul's performance last night and am really sorry as it was FABULOUS. Is he a friend of "wooden Americans? More later and LOL...
Carry on,

Moondog said...

Ditto regarding "Digus." I was feeling very ignorant and out of the loop. The correction and this video made my day!

Anonymous said...

is one's youtube time in the same category as facebookmyspace time?


Anonymous said...

my post left out the fact that I actually went to


Anonymous said...

I'm the guy who pointed out the misspelling...and felt bad doing it.
But I was afraid there'd be people losing sleep over "digus."

Sorry, Jay.
Is it any consolation that I love your work?