Wednesday, November 09, 2016

President Trump

 I am writing this at 12:12 and Trump has just given his acceptance speech.  I am shocked and surprised that America has elected a complete amateur. I do not know how to process this improvable event. 
It will take me a long time to accept this result.  I'm sure that I will have more to say later, but I am for the first time in my life speechless. 
America you elected him you deal with him. 
God help us all,


The Comic's Daughter said...

Hi Jay - Up at 4a - Can't sleep and I am with you - utterly flattened.

See you Friday.


P. Grecian said...

I've spent the day writing on the Internet. I have to write so I can see how I feel. I feel pretty bad. Terribly shocked.
But it is as I have said today...we made it through Nixon, we can make it through Trump. We can...because we have to.
They will take things away from us...they will take things away from people we care about...but they can't take us away from one another.
And we will survive.
Battle-scarred and weary...but we will survive.
And it's good to come to this Internet agora and look about and find those who believe as we believe...and feel as we feel.
People like you, Jay.
We will get through this.
And in finding one another, we are all just a little bit less alone.