Monday, November 28, 2016

The Word

Words are important. How one uses words is how one communes with others. The written word is most important because it can be more permeate than words tossed out in the emotion of conversation. In older days to spread the Word one had to hand scribe a  text multiple times, or own a printing press or some kind of type setting machine. Today a tweet, post, comment or blog can be instantly published to millions in the time it takes to tap a key.
To counteract the sea of "bad" words and stinging comments that currently can contaminate your attitude, I offer a modern day solution. Below is a YouTube video of the written words from thinkers from all over the globe.  Just words of hope, encouragement and Truth that shine like the light on a hill to guide us through our journey. 
Over the years when I have found a word or a paragraph that lightens my heart I have reprinted, or taken a clipping of that phrase to stick on my office wall. These words surround me when I write, reminding me that what one says is very important. How easy it is to become so blind in your own office that you do not see the truth all around. 
It only takes a minute to relax and watch the video. It is accompanied by a touching Irish melody. Let the words sweep your mind clear of the clutter and even if some are not as easily read as others. Like a literate humidifier, let the mere exposure to it improve the way you perceive the rest of you day.
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P. Grecian said...

I have similar bits of quotations above my desk here. They include, "Nothing is permanent in this wicked world; not even our troubles." --Charlies Chaplin