Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Curtain Down on the World Stage

I have been writing this blog for more than 38 years starting during the Reagan Presidency.I remember posting three - sometimes four times a day for several months in succession without time off. We all thought we were contributing to the cause back then.  I recounted every story I know and some I do not remember in numerous posts here on the blogosphere.  How many thousands of words is that? (A lot- if you consider the average blog post of 2248 characters is the equivalent of 24 type written pages.) I still remember those early days of live blogging during the O.J Simpson trial.  Al Gore called us the original Tweeting Napster's for stealing television news stories and turning them into running (now they call it streaming) text.  

It's a monster, this InterWeb of digital connectivity. It has a veracious appetite. It keeps demanding more and more often. 

The reason for this ravenous consumption of concepts is: Attention span for the Internet is exponentially decreasing at twice the rate of the increase of available content. Since the World Wide Web was first put up on line in 1958 till now, 93% of all facts can be checked in less than .3760 trigiseconds or less. That is to say only 7% of the worlds information cannot be cleared in milliseconds. For that information it takes an average of .9335 seconds for verification. This means any facts or statistics that might be quoted as true are 63% more likely to be false. Facts are checked for accuracy 43% less now, than 7 years ago. This was a time before alkaline batteries.   It is a huge data base and we must feed it.  I have tried to do my share, But, the Intersphere has digested my thousands of words and is still hungry. Here is my parting shot as a pioneer blogger.....

When presidential hopeful Ted Cruz was asked if he thought the division in congress was caused by ignorance, or apathy.  Sen. Cruz immediately stated, "I don't know... and I don't care."

So with that I am "closing" the blog until further notice*. No more words to type.  No more thoughts to share and no more apologies to make for the thoughts I chose to share. Until such time as my fingers heal and I can type once more, here is a summer reading list linked for your convenience.

Until we meet again, Thank you for all your help and encouragement for me to continue.
As you were,

*PS... Consider this further notice. I'm not going anywhere. Happy April Fools Day..... At what point did none of those facts add up to you.  This is a repeat of the gag I did in 2013, if you do not remember then you are either a new reader or old person.
Monday, April 01, 2013


P. Grecian said...

Scared me, Jay.

Don't wanna scare an old guy like that.

Think m'heart stopped there for a minute.

JOnathan said...

I must admit, I smelled a "rat", form the get-go, Jay. It's not like you to rant and be sour or negative. Not one bit. So it's tough to pull the wool over our eyes. But it was sure fun to see you try! You are like the Timex watch and the Eveready bunny... you keep on going. Please DO!