Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Clearly not Clear

I have to say the documentary on Scientology, although compelling, was not as creepy as the Durst interviews.  A television reviewer in Hollywood stated the day"Going Clear" premiered that the entire Show Business community was "anticipating the airing of this exposé like it was Christmas morning." I was one of those anxious to see it.  It was informative for sure.
Although I have known some people who are Scientologists,  I have never discussed the philosophy with them.  It was interesting to find out that this multimillion dollar religion is ultimately based on a cheesy Sifi comic book plot.   It would seem the secrete that "Clears" get after thousands of dollars in audit fees could once be purchased for the price of a pulp paper comic book.
The take away that most people are getting from this documentary is the shock of watching people, who seem so normal, become involved in what looks from the outside to be a scam.  People paying thousands and thousands of dollars to become a slave to an organization that will help them get rid of disembodied spirits, who were killed and nuked eons ago but nonetheless have attached themselves to us humans like psychic leeches.
"Ready to begin your audit?"
Perhaps it is only because Scientology is a mid 20th Century Religion that makes it seem like complete nonsense.  I am not defending the abuses Scientologists are accused of, nor am I defending the organization at all.  However, if you look objectively at most organized religions you might find them to be a scam based upon a mythical story as well. Most are money machines scaring people into believing that salvation is the exclusive possession of one set of rules.
If there is a question that Scientology is an actual religion,  compared to the other established religions world wide they are acting pretty much the same.
Recently an evangelical Minister blatantly asked his followers to donate $65 million dollars to purchase a new jet for his "ministry". Sexual child abuse and cover up has dogged the Catholic church for years, and even after millions of dollars paid out in damages they are still one of the wealthiest organizations in the world with millions of followers. Warren Jesup was able to sexually exploit young girls under the name of religion. Jim Jones, David Koresh both condemned as cult leaders were working with and in the name of  organized religion.  Indiana zealots have been able to pass segregation laws that discriminate under the guise (and tax exempt status) of religion only days ago.
I don't see how we can say that Thetans are substantially different than Christian demons or that an e-meter auditing session is different in principle from Catholic confession.  We think members of the elite Scientology Sea Org are weird because they dress up in dime store sailor uniforms. Where as skull caps, Miter hats, robes and the flowing costumes and gold crosses of other religions are so much more holy.
During the viewing of the doc every time they showed a picture of Tom Cruise all I could hear was Jack Nicholson's voice from "A Few Good Men" yelling, "Are we clear?  I said are we clear?"

I think I have an issue with all organized religions.  No matter how earnest they seem or pious their beliefs, when a philosophy forms a club it becomes a beast.  Once you collect dues and buy a club house you need to keep the club house going and that requires money.  And eventually money corrupts the best intent of spirituality particularly since the cash enjoys a tax free ride.
In Truth there is no exclusive way to spirit. There is not a singular path to eternal life,  God should not be pimped out by selling exclusive access to his grace. When any religion says theirs is the ONLY way to paradise, then for sure you are being scammed.

A guy dies and goes to heaven.  St Peter is showing him around. "There is the theatre where we do shows. Playing now is the original cast of Hamlet"
"Wow" says the new guy.
"Over there in the park is where the musicians hang out jamming all day long.  If you get a picnic lunch you can sit in the grass and listen to the best music you ever heard.  Jimmy Hendricks was jamming with Mozart the other day.  Guitar and Harpsichord... brilliant." 
They pass by a walled off area of Heaven where a few houses are hidden away.
"Shh.  You have to be very quiet when you past this area. Don't ever make any noise. Don't let the people inside know that you are here. It is the only place a rule like that exists."
"How come no noise just at this place?"
"Well, to be honest that's where Jerry Falwell and a few of his followers live. They think they're the only ones up here."

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P. Grecian said...

Like you, I don't mind when the boys and girls start up their clubs. I only mind when they start trying to reach outside their clubs and run my life. All religions are cruel and try to get money through guilt...but the Scientologists seem to take it a step farther...threatening exposure...putting rattlesnakes in mailboxes...and the like. They should keep their blackmail to spiritual blackmail...rather than threatening to mail in the Polaroids...and they should keep their violence against people strictly to the threat of hell, I think.