Monday, March 16, 2015

Thinking Out Loud

Yesterday the gossip news was all about Senator Tom Cotton's interview on Face the Nation. One of his biggest errors was stating that Iran was "now in control of Tehran..." If I were to give him the benefit of the doubt, knowing he was on Face the Nation for the first time, and knowing that he is as green as Kermit the Frog, I would think he just meant to say "Tikrit" instead of "Tehran".  However, since my personal belief is that he lacks the education to know the difference, it just points out how much he doesn't understand.  
Today the gossip news is about Ted Cruz making a little girl cry with his doom's day disrespect for the very Government he works for.  This led to a link siting Rick Santorum's desire to turn this country into a single religion state.  Then I saw that Rand Paul said he signed the Iran Letter to "Help the President". (Larry, Curly and Moe).  I was so upset by what these reactionary misguided radical white collar terrorist said, I wanted to take to the Net and denounce them in every possible way.  It seemed to me that their misinformation was getting enough attention and it was time to spread a more rational point of view. My own point of view.... of course.  

Fortunately being AADD and the Internet being such a distraction, I was soon looking at something else that grabbed my attention.  It was a statement from Eckhart  Tolle: "Here is a new spiritual practice for you: don't take your thoughts too seriously".  

It stopped me short. I was at that moment taking my thoughts very seriously, thinking my words or thoughts could be of influence.  And I realized that is probably what Cotton, Cruz, Santorum and Paul (to only name a few) were doing as well, taking their thoughts very seriously.  It seems none of us was being very spiritual.
We are just now coming upon that quadra-annual time in America when we all start to see ourselves as "other".  They are democrats, they are republicans, they are Christian, they are Atheist, ProLife, ProChoice etc. ect.  It is called the "Presidental Election process."  We will start to see all kinds of candidates bask in their 15 minutes. Stupid will gain some traction and rise toward the top before it is brought back down by its own stupid mistakes.  Stupid eventually can not hide it's own ignorance. 

What gets me is that all these grand standing egotists are vying for the job of President. The job that most of them have been belittling and disrespecting for the last 8 years.  It seems they are over looking the very golden rule that proselytizing evangelicals claim is a spiritual principle.  "Do Unto Others as You would have others do unto you."  In other scripture, " You reap what you sow." Other beliefs call that Karma.  
Don't these racist, holier than thou, reactionary, pseudo-candidates realize that if they win the Presidency, they will only get back the same disrespect that they have given to the former job holder? They seriously think their ideals and goals will be loved and praised when they are in office.  "Don't take your thoughts too seriously" all you presidential posers. 
Me neither. I admit that my thoughts are nothing more than my own. They influence no one.  My own life needs to be better attended before I think I can "comment" or "influence" anyone else's path. Rick, Ted, Tom, Rand et al, it is your turn.
As you were,

And PS...John McCain go home immediately, there are kids in your yard that need to be yelled at. 


Mary Watts said...

You said, "I admit that my thoughts are nothing more than my own. They influence no one." Your thoughts might not - but if you voice them as you just did, they will influence someone. This blog post was good - thanks for sharing!

Craig B. said...

Yes, dissin' the gov'mint is a bit futile since we, the people, get the gov'mint we deserve. Gotta clean up our own act so we can deserve a better government. Speaking of acts, I just finished watching your show on Hulu. Wonderful! Thanks. (You know my friend Bill Brunelle, who is spending some time with us at our TM facility in WV; he told us about it).