Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Nothing is new...

My Quick Attempt
I saw this picture of Sarah Palin yesterday in the Phil Grecian Facebook Continuum. 
I don't like the new hair style. I thought Sarah Palin was looking more and more like Peggy Hill. Peggy, the long suffering substitute teacher at Arlen, Texas, Tom Landry Middle School, matron of the Hill household star of the animated television show "King of the Hill". (From the same people who brought you Beavis and Butthead) I grew up in Texas and the series is required watching. 
Wit and Will Poster 2008
I decided to make a composite of the two women to see if the theory held up. I posted the image on the left to the Grecian flow.
As I was looking for images of Peggy on the web I found a composite had already been done several years ago. It was the poster for a show performed on October 18, 2008 at the Wit and Will Theatre in Albany entitled "Peggy Hill and Sarah Palin separated at birth".  They actually got the pose and the hair right. Kudos to the creators of the composite. They obviously thought it through and did more image research than I. 
But I will take credit for recognising a good proof of concept.  To me the Peggy/Palin comparison connects in so many ways, where do you start? 

"One of these women is a two dimensional character that makes you laugh at what she says....other is Peggy Hill." 

Your turn and.... go. 

As you were,

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P. Grecian said...

The Phil Grecian Continuum? Bwahahahahaha! You know, my friend, one of these days we need to be in the same room somewhere. I'll buy you a drink. Or dinner. Or a puppy.