Tuesday, March 04, 2014

And the Oscar goes...

Ellen on stage at the Oscars
Holding the now famous smart phone.
On the second day after the telecast, the Oscar circus has moved on.  The 40 foot Oscar statues that decorated Hollywood Blvd are gone.  The section of Hollywood Blvd in front of the Dolby Theatre is open again to automobile traffic. Everyone has tweeted and chatted and texted and Facebooked all the spicy gossip.  We all have taken a shot at Kim Novac, there is now an app that will tell you how John Travolta would screw up your name in an introduction, people wonder what happened to Goldie Hawn's face and lots of Academy members have admitted to voting for "12 Years A Slave" without actually having seen it.  And lest we forget: Twitter was crashed by Ellen's retweeted impromptu celebrity selfie. (Here is a picture from the LA times of Ellen holding the record breaking Samsung Galaxy that snapped the now famous picture tweet.)
Some how we thought Ellen just came up with that idea back stage. And knowing the fertile mind of Ellen, she is capable of doing just that.  Few of us connected the fact that Samsung was a paying sponsor for the Oscars. It was no accident that Ellen was seen holding that white Galaxy smart phone several different times during the show. And on her own talk show yesterday, in an Oprah like gesture, Ellen gave everyone in her audience a Galaxy Smart phone.
Now before the masses run out and demand that phone Ellen has, here is something to consider. Ellen doesn't own a white Samsung Galaxy smart phone.  Back stage at the Oscars and on her television show, she tweets and texts on an iPhone 5. That white Samsung phone?... just a stage prop. 
I'm not crying foul. The clothes she wears are not hers either, they are "sponsored" and all that celebrity bling on the red carpet... mostly on loan from jewelry stores hoping to cash in on the celebrity connection.  It's the way it is done in Hollywood. 
Get a celebrity to hold your beer, model your clothes, drive your car or tweet on your phone and it is a publicity grand slam.  There are masses who will run to the store demanding the phone that Ellen uses. I mean after all Ellen can afford any phone in the world... and she chose a white Samsung Galaxy. Or did Samsung chose her? 
Although I admit to being an Apple addict there is certainly nothing wrong with the Samsung smart phone.  I've never used one but how different can these communication devices really be? Besides a cheaper price, I am sure there are many things to recommend it, but none of them have to do with WHO is  holding it on television.
If this information is an awakening to you....  call me because... I have some 8 track tapes that were owned by Cher.
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