Monday, March 10, 2014

Damn You Daylight Savings

I don't know what time it is, but I certainly know what time is should be and this isn't it.  All day long there has been something wrong with the day.  It is a beautiful day but the sync is off.  Everyone seemed to be in agreement, shop keepers and waitresses, this did not seem like a normal Monday. Some governmental ruling stole an hour from us this weekend. The clock says 6:12 PM but I know that is wrong. My body clock says it is 5:12 PM. The government has screwed me out of an hour of my life and they call it daylight savings.
I have to tell you, if this mandate is supposed to save something I am not sure what that might be. The time change saves me nothing but rather it confuses what little natural instinct humans have left. I know by July 4 we will have forgotten this assault to our internal clock and we will have adjusted. But three months later we pay a price for the hour that was stolen from us. An hour of darkness is forced upon us.   It is once again called daylight savings but is actually adding an hour of darkness to our clock.  It is the hour that was taken away in the spring.  It is not a fair trade. 
So if the authorities can take away an hour then I figure life's deadline has been artificially altered.  I get a buy, a pass, a get out of jail free for the duration of the infraction.  
Check Monday's blog tomorrow.
An Amber Alert was issued this afternoon in the Los Angeles area.  What a great stripper name... Amber Alert.*
As you were,

*over heard from Brandon Johnson.                   

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