Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things you can't do on an iPAD

I really like to draw on my iPAD. It's like having a drafting table and a studio in an 8x10 tablet and it's clean. I like the ability to do airbrushing without a compressor and gas mask.  There are times when that high tech expression is very satisfying.  But...  
Sometimes you can only express yourself with analog tools and methods. You have to go back to basics. Controlling how ink stains paper. The simplicity of pen and ink belies the complications of the detail. Black and white, yen and yang light and darkness, positive and negative, good and bad, the medium is the metaphor for our digital binary world. 

Pilot Rolling Ball Precise V7 fine point black ink pen
 8x10 Strathmore Series 400 Drawing paper. 
Created 1/21/14
Skull and Bottle


Bill Matthews said...

Is it just me, Jay, or does that skull look like a Sleestack skull from from "Land of the Lost"?


Sleestack for sure.

P. Grecian said...

You might check out the Uniball Signo Impact 207 pen, too, particularly the "bold." I always have one with me. It combines the best aspects of felt tips and ballpoint pens. Fun to draw with, fun to write with.