Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Looking Back..looking forward

So ordered by the Pasadena Rose Parade committee, it is a stunningly beautiful day in Southern California.  It makes one believe that this year will be the best and brightest of all.  If tarot card predictions are correct it will be.
We spent the evening at a small dinner party.  My sister gave me a new set of tarot cards for Christmas and I gave readings from the new deck to the friends who were interested.  I can't say that I am a psychic or even an average mit reader but the nature of the tarot cards always gives way to some startling revelations.  The future looks very bright for all who were there last night. 
I always say that these "ventriloquial" card readings are just snap shots of how the universe looks at that moment.  Obviously the picture changes to the same degree that the information has been revealed.  The entire picture can change with the next decision or intention one makes.  Which is to say that predictions of the future do not determine the path of anyone's life. It is just the opposite. Our path determines our life.  We all have the power to find in life what we seek and what we need.  We are visualizing our own destiny and have the ability to shape it. 
If we think our life is like a paper cup in the wind being blown toward an unseen destination we will experience that journey. But if we think our life is like a sailboat using the wind to take us in the direction we wish to go the we are the captain of our experience. 
2014 is just another road sign in this life adventure. Every minute of everyday we can plot our own course and take the cruise we want to take. Like the sailboat that must tack, and ziz zag in a continuously changing wind, the journey will not always be the shortest distance nor always a straight line to our goal.  However, if the course corrections are made with the destination and goal always in mind, the boat will arrive at the safe harbor and bring the bounty of that journey to a new place.  
In 365 days we will look back on 2014 and try to understand.  If we make the necessary course adjustments moment by moment we will find ourselves where we want to be as we see the sign up ahead that saya 2015.  Make this year the one you want.
As you were,


Margaret A. Flanagan said...

Nice! Thanks for a lovely thought. Hope to hear more from you in 2014.

Gwyn Oswin said...

Thanks for this, Jay. I'm reshaping my life this year (at least, I hope I am!) and this was a well-written reminder of just how to do that. Best wishes to you in 2014!