Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Tazman Sea

It has been difficult to post blogs sailing here on the Tazman sea. The ship's wifi has been unreliable and not always available in our cabin.  Cell phone reception is non existent on this ship. I find a hot spot only to discover the satellite is down. The computer tech on board claims that the solar storms are affecting the receiption because we are sailing so close to the south pole. Evidently there is nothing that can be done about it until we sail closer to the equator. He suggested that because of the angle of the sun, the best time to grab a signal was 7:30 in the morning.  

I love to post the blog, but I have to tell you that I love to sleep in even more. So if I miss a post or two in the next 12 days, you will know why. 

The sea was choppy today, which they say is typical of these waters this time of year. We sail through rain and patches of clearing so the weather changes almost hourly.  

A Discovery Channel film crew is on board doing a doumentary on the Great Sailing ships of the world. They seem to be very efficient.  Leaving Sydney harbor they had a camera man on the pilot boat, one in a helicopter and several time lapse cameras rolling on the bow.  It was a beautiful sail out by the Harbor bridge and the Sydney opera house. The film crew will be sailing with various ships for the next year before the doc. is finished. 

It will be several more days before I perform.  This is a great schedule for me since I am just another passenger until after my show.  After my performance it is difficult to be on a ship occupied by the audience I just performed for.  There is rarely a case when anyone is rude, Normally they are just fans who want to engage in conversation. I just have to be on guard and know that anytime I am out of the cabin I am really performing again. It is much easier with Sandi along.  Even a fan will respect your privacy if you are involved in a family conversation. Of course Sandi is more than a convenient shill, it is great to have her along. She finds out all the cool stuff to do in the ports of call and gets me out of my shell to have some fun. More later.

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