Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day Promo

In Los Angeles every holiday is ripe for the promotion of a film. Why should Presidents day be any different? You would think it might be a stretch to find a connection, but not so today. In the Calendar section of the LA Times the front page article shows a picture of an actor gripping an axe playing in the role of Abe Lincoln. The actor is better looking that the real Lincoln with a soap operaesque look of seriousness. Normally you would think of George Washington with his cherry tree axe, but George was just a misguided tree surgeon, Abe is a Vampire Killer. Or at least that is what the movie tells us by its very title: Abraham Lincoln,Vampire Killer.
Before you giggle, it really is a soon to be released movie based on a book by the same title. Over the last 9 months my nephew worked on this production in New Orleans as a production coordinator. What was to be a couple of weeks work getting them back on track turned into months eventually taking over his department. Jeffery is low key and humble about the projects he takes on, but even at his youthful age he has a very impressive resumé. Depending on the budget of the movie, his job coordinating is no less stressful if the movie is an Academy Award contender or a straight to DVD production. There is no way to tell if the movie will eventually be great or just good, but it is easy to sense if it is going to be a real stinker. In spite of the rough edges Jeffery had to smooth out, he has a feeling this movie will be better than its pandering title. I will definitely see it so I can put perspective on the stories he has told us about the shoot. According to him I might actually enjoy it as well. That is a good thing because the title alone would not encourage me to attend if it was not all in the family.
As for me I am glad that it is a holiday. I gives me one more day to recover from the long trip. I figured yesterday was the last day I could use "jet lag" as an excuse to avoid getting back in the swing. Being slower than a usual Monday, I can jog back into the rat race rather than start off like a sprinter.
Thank you Mr. President,
As you were,

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Dave Robison said...

From what I understand, the novel is part of a new genre of "mash-up" fiction that includes titles such as Sense and Sensibilities and Sea Monsters as well as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Wished I had known your nephew was in NOLA, we are often in the city as it's only two hours from Mobile, AL and one of our favorite places to spend a weekend.

I hope he got to participate in some Mardi Gras season festivities in his down time.

The partying ends tomorrow night on the Gulf Coast with Fat Tuesday ushering in Lent at midnight.

I'll watched the movie when it debuts, congrats to your nephew on completion of the project.