Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jay: Hello Siri.. can you tell me what kind of day it is today?
Siri: The time is 8:51AM
Jay: Not the time of day, that's displayed on my phone... I want to know the kind of day it is.
Siri: Definition of kind:. A group of individuals or instances sharing common traits; a category or sort: different kinds of furniture; a new kind of politics.n. A doubtful or borderline member of a given category: fashioned a kind of shelter; a kind of bluish color.

Jay: No, ~beep~Not the definition of kind....
Siri: Definition of Unkind:
  1. adj. Lacking kindness; inconsiderate or unsympathetic.
  2. adj. Harsh; severe: unkind winters.

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  1. Not natural; unnatural.
  2. Not sympathetic; lacking in or not springing from or exhibiting kindness, benevolence, or affection; not kind; harsh; cruel.
Jay: No, no... I just want to know if it is going to be a good day.
Siri: Good Day to you as well.
Jay: Not good bye.  Good day...Will it be a good day?
Siri: What is good to some is not good for others. If you are experiencing a drought a rainy day is a good day, if you are in a flood it would be a bad day. Would you like me to contact a therapist office in your area, or would you like me to locate the doctors/ hospitals and nurses closest to your current position?
Jay: I get it. Let me rephrase. ~beep~ What is the weather today?
Siri:  It will be snowy and cold with a wind chill factor of -23 Celsius for most of the day in Lucern, Switzerland.
Jay: Siri, I don't live in Lucern, I live in Los Angeles.
Siri: I would like permission to use your current location information.
Jay: Okay... so?
Siri: Sew, "A needle pulling thread" one lyric to the song "Do Re Me" from  "The Sound of Music" by Rogers and Hammerstein. Original cast recording of the Broadway cast can be found at the following locations.
Jay: All I want to know is, if it is a good day to walk the dog?
Siri: Wok Dog is a delicacy in some cultures in Asia. Would you like me to locate the best recipe?
Jay: No, cancel.  ~beep~  What is the weather forecast?
Siri: Would you like me to use your current location?
Jay: Yes...
Siri: I would like permission to use your current location information.
Jay: I already gave you permission. I said Okay
Siri: OK, the abbreviation for Oklahoma, a state best known for the Musical of the same name by Rogers and Hammerstein the prototype for all musical theater of the modern era. You seem to be a fan of Rogers and Hammerstein.  Would you like me to list the current performance schedule of "Oklahoma" playing nearest your current location? Would you also like me to locate the the costume shops closest to where you are now?
Jay: No, All I want to know is what kind of day it will be and is it a good day to take my.... pet on a stroll.
Siri: "Pet on a roll",  slang for a cat meat served on flat bread, a delicacy in some Asian cultures. You seem to like Asian food so I have found several Asian restaurants in your area of Lucern... none of them serve Wok Dog.
Jay: Los Angeles... I live in Los Angeles.
Siri: Checking Los Angeles... I can find no restaurants that serve dog. There is a Pinks that serves Hot Dog. Will that be acceptable?
Jay: Forget the whole thing. I'll just go outside and see what the weather is for myself. Good Bye Siri.
Siri: Good bye. Have a great day. It will be perfect for a walk.  Perhaps if you have a pet you can take him/her/it out on an adventure. Have fun in Lucern.... wear a heavy coat.
Jay: Bite me.
Siri: Bite me" was a low budget movie about vampires produced in the exploitation movie era of the American 60's
Jay:  ~CLICK~

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Roomie said...

This is why I only have the 4 and not the S.....just sayin'.....
Carry on,cyclar soffetti

Roomie said...

I am STILL laughing at the comment....I didn't see it when I clicked on "publish"....I think it was a paranormal thing that happened AFTER I left ...just for your benefit....
Carry on.......therammi mforcest