Monday, November 08, 2010

So my friend Jeff the Juggler, who knows about the survival technics of living on a
Ship, shared the secret with me about the internet here on board. It seems that the crew has a whole different wifi than the passengers. It is much faster and with a card you can only get in the crew library, much cheaper. The scam is the ship wants the passengers using the slower network simply because it will cost more, they make more so they can afford to hire expensive acts like me to entertain them. However, the network does not show up when your computer searches for the signal, only the passenger channel is visible. However, if you type in the right name, and it is even case sensitive, a stronger faster signal appears.
Isn't capitalism wonderful? The crew keeps this secret tight to the vest. Until Jeff told me I never heard of this before.
So here I am connected to a moderately priced Internet with my new Ipad.
Life is good and I do not feel so out of touch. In celebration of that fact I am uploading my next installment of Ipad art. I will eventually get tired of
Drawing eyes.... But for now it is my own personal joke on the name.
Thanks Jeff. Glad you are my next door neighbor.
As you were,


Don Bailey said...

Hi Jay. Enjoyed the post AND the eyeArt. You're a very talented young man!

Nice to know about that crew internet. When I was cruising, the internet was prohibitively expensive. I think I paid $10 a minute for satellite during an emergency.

I hope you're well, looks like Bob et. al. are alive and kicking. If you run into any music agent contacts, let me know. I would enjoy going back onboard.

Cheers from Dallas (my new home - again.)


Zan Gaudioso said...
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Zan Gaudioso said...

HA! Great trick! You're officially an insider - good for you! We miss you here on the land. PS - your iPad art is AMAZING. An eye for an i - Apple should love it. I vote for it for the next ad campaign! xo Z