Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Coming Soon

I have limited access to the net here on the Grand. My new Ipad took ten minutes to load the sign in screen for the ship's Wifi so it only of "off line" value to me here. This satellite connection is way too slow. But I have compiled a movie of my accommodations on this ship which I will share with you as soon as I get the band width. I think it is interesting and I hope you do too.
The shows are going fine, second show more responive than the first but that is to be expected on a two show night. This is a two week run which is a new venture for me.
Hurricane Thomas has played havoc with the schedule for this trip. We will miss a couple of ports of call on this run to avoid it. More later.
As you were,

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jane said...

Mr. Johnson, I have truly enjoyed reading your ramblings almost as much as I have enjoyed the too few opportunities I have had to watch you perform. To this day I still kick myself for an unfortunate vcr incident which deprived me of one of the most enjoyable acts I had seen on "An Evening at the Improv" that I had managed to save for some several years. I very much wanted to see "The Two and Only" but timing oft has a way of working against me. Is there any way to get hold of a recording of that particular Ep from the mid 80's of you and Bob illustrating the proper conjugation of the verb "to dig"?
It was that performance that convinced me that you were the best talent I had seen and you've only gotten better. I hate trying to tell people about it when I used to be able to show them... Surely there are archives or something I might find it in - if maybe I knew the episode number and air date? My Vcr can't have eaten the only existing copy on the planet can it?