Monday, January 09, 2017

Send a Message- do nothing...


It bothers me that the soon to be President of the United States has no time for intelligence briefings, no time to coordinate with the ethics committee, no time to release his financial records to see if he has a conflict of interest and no time to understand that Russians hacking into any part of the American digital grid is dangerous.  
But he has time to watch television and criticize the new Celebrity Apprentice and  Golden Globes. Although he is still listed as an Executive Producer on Celebrity Apprentice he could not resist trashing the shows opening night ratings and bragging that his were better.  He also has the time to say Meryl Streep is "over rated"in a 3:00 am tweet and lie that he ever mocked a disabled reporter.  (We have seen the tape... why lie and deny?)  
It is obvious that "Orange-a- tan" cares about what is on television and follows the ratings closely.  Maybe there is a way to get his attention and remind him he has a "real job" to do starting the end of next week. The best thing about this protest is... we don't have to do anything.  No phone calls, no petitions, no emails to congress, we just have to do nothing.  We just don't watch television nor record the Inauguration on January 20th.  
As we know most A list entertainers have refused to perform at the Inauguration when asked. No local bands will march and even the POS elect has said it will be a short ceremony, because "they" want to get right to work.  You know his attempt at a speech will be all over social media by the end of the day as well as the highlights of the ceremony.  You will miss nothing, you will just see it in a different form.  But here is the benefit.  Just imagine if this broadcast gets the worst ratings in the history of the televised ceremony.  What if the Inauguration gets less viewers than the Canadian Curling Championship on ESPN 7? I think that would be a good thing and the best way to tell a man who only cares about his own popularity, "Hey Tweeter Head... welcome to your new job. Now shut up and get to work."  Send a message that the Trumpster understands.  I was not planning on watching the ceremony anyway so this is an easy protest for me to support.  But if enough people feel the same way and the ratings reflect a lack of interest it will make a statement. The one thing we know that keeps his orange blood flowing is his unfettered narcissism, let's hack into that hard drive.  I know Karma will get him... I just want Karma to come quicker..
In the words of Ralph Waldo Emmerson "There is always some leveling circumstance that puts down the overbearing.... The dice of the universe are always loaded." 
So, don 't watch television on January 20, especially during the time of the Inauguration.  You won't miss anything, the 27/7 news cycle will make sure of that.  But you won't be contributing to any rating stats that Trump can take personal credit for.  
Share, copy, retweet and get everyone to join the easiest protest yet.  All you have to do is...not watch. 
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Tim Lieder said...

I said this on your livejournal but it bears repeating.

This protest is BULLSHIT. It will do absolutely nothing and only makes Trump stronger because his entire campaign is about distraction. Do you really think that it hurts his feelings that people pay attention to his tweets? REALLY?

Tomorrow the congress is voting to confirm Jeff Sessions as attorney general. On Wednesday they are voting to confirm five more of Trump nominees and all of these people can damage the country a lot more than Trump.

If you don't call your senators and tell them to oppose these nominations (especially Jeff Sessions) then you are useless. You are actually worse than useless because you think that your shitty little lazy protest is actually doing something when you are only playing into Trump's bullshit.

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