Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Open letter to the President Elect...

In sadness that the RB&BB Circus is closing.
In a few days we will install you as the 45th President of the United states.  By every measure you are atypical of any other person ever elected to this job. You are the least qualified politician ever to run for the highest office in the land.  You have no experience in government, public service, military service or even altruistic social service.   Hate you or love you,  these are the facts.

Whether you will be good for America or bad for America will take years to determine, and by that time it will be too late to effect the outcome.  But you will be held accountable.

To those who say, "Give you a  chance" I say, The chance has been given and was not mine to withhold.  But here is the "chance" I would like you to take.

Be the President of the United States.  That means the President of all the states and all the citizens of those states.
ALL... Mr. President elect. That includes American Latinos, American Africans, American Muslims, American Women,  American LGBT's, Disabled Americans, American journalists, the intelligence service, John Lewis, Alec Baldwin, Rosie O'Donald and Meryl Streep to name a few.  You have called them out by name, Mr. President.  You have called them , over rated, fat and ugly, crime ridden, rapists, stupid, drug dealers, and Religious Terrorists. This is not some fake news spin on what we thought you said, These are your words.  YOUR own divisive words.  You have worked very hard to alienate so much of the country, your approval rating is the lowest of any President- elect in history.  History, Mr. Almost President, History is the analysis of every decision you make while you hold this office. The job requires you to be in the box, under a microscope and continually challenged. You are not the CEO of America. Your board of directors can't be fired, they were elected just like you.  You wanted the job...you got it, but the nature of the job did not change because you are not well versed on the details. You are responsible for and to every one of us. Your job is to lead EVERYONE to the best of your ability.  To make America Great (again) you have to make yourself Greater.

So far you seem un-willing to do the job.   Your tweets are divisive and I understand you are going to continue that same Twitter handle once you take office? How will you ever bring us together as a Nation, 144 nasty characters at a time? You can't be the Monday morning quarterback critic when you are the one calling the plays on the field.  Who will you blame now that you have all your cronies working for you?
When faced with a situation you do not wish to address you yell, "Fake News" and "rigged system".  You deny your own words when they are clearly audible, on the record and on tape. You will not release your taxes to prove you have no conflicts of interest or debts to Russians.  You can't do that anymore.  You are the center of the target now, Sir; you are the system and you make the news.  It is now your swamp and you own it.   This job of President has no refunds and no exchanges.  You are stuck with it, just as we are stuck with you.  There are a lot of things that come with this job, being the President of all of us the most obvious.

Here is what doesn't come with the job.

Respect... that has to be earned.
Honesty... that has to be proven.
Kindness... that has to be demonstrated.
Effectiveness.... that has to be evaluated and
Intelligence....that has to be revealed.  Revealed in the way you earn Respect, Prove your Honesty and demonstrate your Kindness.

You are not the USA Mascot, Spokesman, Pitchmaster, Royal head, Negotiator in Chief nor Boss.... you are the President of the United States.  If you do not know what the job entails then you are in big trouble.   Because WE THE PEOPLE do know and we are going to hold you accountable just like we have the other 44 who proceeded you.  You are no longer just a citizen,  you are the target of our hopes and hates, just like the 44 that proceeded you.  You can publish spoiled child rants, you can call the press "Fake" and information "Rigged" but that didn't work for Nixon and it will not work for you.
You have wasted your Honeymoon now get to work.  The millions and millions who did not vote for you will be watching very carefully.
As you were,


P. Grecian said...

Amen, Jay.
Amen and amen.

cwalter said...

I agree!

Bill Brunelle said...

Phew! Dazzling, Jay. Just dazzling!!

Gwyn Oswin said...

Excellent! And very true. Well said.