Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ventriloquist in Dancerland..

A Montalbon Theater full of dancers each with  Joe Tremaine stories to tell.
Joe Tremaine accepting the first of an annual WCA award in his name after watching a stunning dance done on stage in his honor. 

This is the World Choreography Awards Ceremony, awarding a trophy and honors for dance choreographers in categories of all media. The nickname for the World Choreography Awards ® trophy is Corry, which fits in nicely with the Emmy, Tony, Grammy world.  The evening is Terpsichorean Royalty honoring those who create outstanding work in the name of dance.  As I looked down my theater  row I counted at least four Emmy winners attending. It was a beautiful crowd and and exciting evening.
The purpose of an Awards show is to give Awards which is repetitive but the show moved rather quickly and was filled with  production numbers and HD playback (on a great Media wall) of the nominated dances. The live numbers were moving and transformational pieces that spoke to this audience like no other. 
I love the theater, now called the Ricardo Montalbon.  Especially when the theater is filled with the dance world.  Dancers are like no other athletes nor are they like any other performers.  Dancers endow their surroundings with an energy that can only be experienced. I know you might think me bias since I am married to a dancer, but being with Sandi lets me observe the dance world as an insider.  I have observed that dancers are an extended family of brothers and sisters who were all born to dance. It is not complicated, dancing is the life of a party, and dancers are masters of the dance, therefore dancers are the party. It was a audience full of the beautiful and the talented. 
I have been blessed with wonderful friendships and so many of my friends were there. Later I realized, they were all dancers.  I was introduced to everyone of those good friends by my best friend Sandi.  Sandi is the very definition of a blessing in my life.  

Before I get all emotional, I know all my dancer friends will understand when I say: 
 "I would rather be with you dancers than the greatest people on earth."  

As you were,

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