Monday, February 08, 2016

Not Political

Donald Trump feels that although he is one of the richest men in the world he does not have the respect of the World leadership.  To further his Presidential hopes he wants to get some sort of endorsement from a respected world leader.
With Pope Francis visiting Mexico, Trump decides to make a last ditch effort to meet with him before the New Hampshire Primary.  So Donald takes the Trump Jet to Mexico.
Trump finds out which hotel the Pontiff is staying but because of Vatican security he cannot get an appointment with the Pope nor will they even let Trump into the hotel.
Not to be deterred, Donald Trump waits outside the hotel with the thongs of people waiting to catch a glimpse of the Holy Father.  
The Pope exits the hotel finally and heads for his pope mobile.  He waves to the crowd as Donald Trump jumps up and down trying to get his attention, but to no avail.  The Pope sees a homeless man off to himself in battered clothes, worn out shoes sitting up against a wall. The Pope leaves the cluster that surrounds him and goes over to the homeless man. He puts his arm around the homeless man's shoulder and whispers something into his ear.  Then he gets into the pope car and drives off.
Trump is disappointed but starts to analyse the event.  He thinks to himself, "The Pope doesn't want to meet with me, Donald Trump the billionaire. He is the people's Pope and wants to comfort his flock."  
So as the crowd thins Trump goes over to the homeless man and says, "Listen, I know you don't have a home so I will buy you a house if you will give me those shoes.  And I know you need money so I will buy that torn jacket and those worn out pants for $200,000.00, and you can have my pastel tie, my shoes, shirt and this suit... What do you say?"  The man agrees and the two men exchange money and clothing.
The next day the Pope comes out of the hotel ready for his day of service.  The crowd is just a big as it was the day before and as Pope Francis looks around he sees Donald Trump off to himself in battered clothes and worn out shoes sitting up against a wall.  The Pope breaks away from the crowd and goes  up to what looks like the homeless man he spoke to the day before.  Pope Francis puts his arm around Trump's neck and whispers in his ear,
"I thought I told you yesterday to get the fuck out of here." 
Not a true story, yet.
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