Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Gimme Award goes to....

The Balforth Fennington Dalia Award
Hollywood, Calif (UPI)
by Walter Helmhurst  
Today the film version of "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only" was awarded the Balforth Fennington Dalia Award  better known as the "Gimme". The Balforth Fennington Dalia Foundation is dedicated to honoring all art which never really finds its audience nor becomes a commercial hit.
This award is given on an irregular basis for shows, plays and or movies for no reason other than to remind people that the movie, show or play still exists and is still available for sale or viewing.
The BFD Award is usually awarded to good shows that have trouble selling tickets. According to Velma Coopertonson, chairperson of the Balforth Fennington Dalia Foundation awards committee, "Never have we seen a show so qualified for this trophy as the Two and Only.." 
The Executive Producer of "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only" had this to say upon receiving the BFD.
"I am surprised by this award.  I was hoping for a royalty check. I do however need a paper weight for some unpaid production bills on my desk. This "Gimme" will work fine. " 
Actor and star of the film  Bob Campbell had this to say upon learning of the award, "What do you think we can get for it on E-Bay?"  Other actors from the production did not return our phone calls.
The committee for the BFD foundation will immediately start looking for next years honoree. According to Ms Coopertonson "Because shows like this are so hard for the audience to find, you can imagine how difficult is it for us." 


P. Grecian said...

Well, it was a hit with ME. And with its audiences...and with the Tony people...and with every entertainer I know who saw it.

Bob Conrad said...

I totally agree with Phil, it's a big,big hit with me. And it does make a great paper weight.

Dave Robison said...
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Dave Robison said...

The fact it was almost overlooked that you should receive the BFD award, has now garnered you another award.

Insiders I have spoken with say they will announce you will be awarded the another family award.

The Walter Tollison Farnsworth (WTF)Award For Almost Being Missed for the BFD

Ali said...

I am laughing so hard I'm crying!

(BTW, I love "The Two and Only!")