Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pat Robertson on Texas Weather

In the past, self proclaimed prophet of "Thou shalt nots" Pat Robertson has waisted no time in proclaiming God's punishment on sinners. He is very quick in equating a natural disaster with the wrath of God. Usually he takes the opportunity to say that God has sent a hurricane or a drought or a flood to an area of the country as a sign of his wrath toward their actions.  Hurricane Sandy hitting the north east coast was, in his Holy opinion, a sign that God did not like the idea that gays could marry. Katrina was sent to New Orleans because God hates sinners. He heard there were some hanging around Bourbon Street.  Drought on the west coast has been tagged as punishment for all our "Godless leanings" here in Los Angeles.
Flooded Six Flag Roller coster DFW.
Texas has just experienced some of the worst weather and floods in its history. Yet not one word from the good pundit Robertson. It seems that when weather comes to a place that holds with his limited thinking it is "just nature".  When natural disaster hits a place Pat doesn't agree with it is God sending a message. And of course the idea of climate change is never mentioned in his ministry. 
Come on Pat, where is your condemnation? Why are you not claiming that God is punishing Texas? Pick a reason Pat, Texas has been outspoken about so many social and political issues there are several to be condemned for.  If you think Texas is on the right side of immigration, abortion, and gay marriage then why is God sending Biblical floods?  Isn't a flood God's preferred way to thin the herd and start all over? Why wasn't Ted Cruz given the command to build a big boat?

The problem is, Pat, you think God was made in your image. When you are displeased or disgusted, God must be as well.  Your judgement is based on the idea that it is in agreement with your personal preferences and then you apply that same bias judgment to Deity.  You may have fooled your money contributing masses that you are a man of God, but if God is as judgmental, reactionary, condemning and unloving as you are, then that God is not for me. So far your dooms day predictions and righteous exclusionary warnings have not come to pass.

To all my friends and family in Texas.  I am sorry the weather has caused so many to suffer. Although your politics  have left me baffled and often disgusted for the last few years, I don't think God is punishing you.  This could very well have been the answer to lots of prayers asking God to end your drought.  I don't believe in the conditional love the Pat Robertson-God seems to practice.  I don't think he is pissed and just waiting for someone to break a commandment so he can strike them down.  As far as you Texans and your crazy ideas, at best I think this Jade Helm 15 rumor, which caused some to panic, is actually giving God a good laugh.

I am praying and hoping that our drought here in California will end soon.  When it does, it will probably cause some damage along with the water it brings very much like Texas. I am pretty sure that good old Pat will find some sinners among those affected if that happens in California.  As Shakespeare said, "There is nothing good nor bad but thinking makes it so".  If you agree with the way Pat thinks, then that is your reward.  As for me I am trying to "think" in a completely different way than what Rev. Robertson is teaching.  That way I can feel love and compassion for those suffering from the weather and Floods in Texas without having to judge the reason it happened.

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Good on ya, Jay.

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All good points Jay! I am reading that those pics of the coaster are not from Six Flags Over Texas. See for yourself as I am not sure what is true these days.