Friday, February 20, 2015

The cell phone.

I had an essay on the ridiculous quest the Texas courts are going though to nullify the marriage of a lesbian couple.  First gay marriage in the Lone Star State of Texas.  The couple has been together for 31 years and although Texas recognizes Common law marriages they do not recognize a same sex relationship of any duration.
I had some lucid facts and personal outrage about the situation in my home state.  However, when I went to fact check one of my statements the blogger app on my iPad erased the 500 words.  Rather than rewrite,  I took it as a sign not to express that outrage today.  I'm sure I will get back to it at a later day.  
Just know that marriage has nothing to do with morals, religion or morality.  It is a specific definition of a couple that facilitates the legal transfer of property and possessions.  It is not a religious union although religion has co-opted the idea for it's own reasons.  And for whatever reasons, religion is on the side of banning this form of love.  If homosexuality was such a huge sin, wouldn't it have been mentioned, even in vague terms in the Ten Commandments? There are commandments condemning murder, lying and also lust and adultery of another man's wife.  I don't believe it says anything about the other guys husband.  That is the cliff's notes about the missive, but no more. 

But... instead a joke from Jim McGeorge.
Two guys have finished a round of golf and walk into the locker room.  A cell phone rings and one of the guys picks it up. The conversation goes like this:
"Hello... you are where? Shopping in Beverly Hills? (pause) well how much do they cost? (pause) 10 thousand.. apiece? (pause) Well go ahead a buy both....(pause) sure why not (pause) What about the house? (pause) An offer? but it isn't for sale (pause) spontaneous buyer?  (pause)  he offered what? (pause) Isn't that less than we could get from a listing? (pause) Well, bird in hand I say, accept the offer, we can find a better place to live.  (pause) Sean wants us to co-sign a 80 thousand dollar loan so he can buy a Tesla?  (pause) You're only 18 once... tell him to get the car in whatever color he likes. (pause)  What about Joanie? (pause) a facial tattoo of what?  (pause)  A facial tattoo of Hello Kitty? Well if Sean is getting a car I guess his 14 year old sister can get a tattoo... tell her it is okay by me.  (pause)  You too honey... nice talking to you... Glad I could help.
The man clicks the phone off and sets it on the locker bench and says, "Hey, does anybody know who's cell phone this is?

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