Monday, July 07, 2014

One of my Favorite Scenes

Although Chuck and Bob were not dialogue heavy in this scene, it is still one of my favorite memories. I know it was submitted for Emmy Consideration. The producers choose individual scenes from the show to submit and this is the one they chose for that season. Although the show itself never won an Emmy several members of the cast did receive individual Emmys.
I remember clearly that the tag line was mine.  During a rehearsal I threw in a line as we were going out the door.  I yelled to the Bartender, "Bob will pick up the check".  The crew laughed.
The next day there were re-writes. This time at the end of the scene the Bartender comes up to us with the check.  Burt says, "He'll pay." Indicating Bob who is passed out on the table and we walk out.
Richard makes it funny but it was my line. I wrote it for me to say.
It doesn't matter now but at the time I felt really slighted by the producers. They never even acknowledged it was anything but their original line. If they weren't going to give the line to me, at least say "Good job, good line, way to go, may we give it to Burt" something... but I got no pat on the back of any kind.
In my one person show, "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only" I tell some of the funnier stories from the SOAP days. How I got to work with Bob and what happened to SQUEAKY.  That show will be available on iNDemand starting August 1st.  Please continue to spread the word.
As you know a major part of the money from the sale of the DVD of this show goes to support the
Home For Wooden Children.  

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Anonymous said...

Last week I just started watching the first season of SOAP. You were so hilarious and I really appreciate your talent. The clothes were so groovy. Thank you so much for bringing smiles to my day.

Anonymous said...

You were robbed -- would have been funnier coming from Chuck. My favorite seen (which we still quote) is when Bob is blindfolded and being psychic -- "it's round…. it's red… it's an apple!!"

Can't wait to see your cable show.


Chicago Dave said...

I saw your show at a club in Milwaukee in the late 80's or maybe as late as 1991. It was, by far, one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Somewhere along the line my ex-wife picked up a monkey puppet that I called "Suzie Monkey". I did little skits with my five kids when they were young, most of which was inspired by your show. I look forward to the on-demand show, although I have DirecTV...hopefully someone I know has the right service. I would still love to see the live show if you ever still perform.