Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just Like the Wizard of Oz

All of my attention is on August 9th when "Jay Johnson:The Two and Only" opens OnDemand pay-per-view.  It is a journey full of continuing wonder.  
There are so many people and so many things that have to come together to make a show like "The Two and Only" happen. It's about the journey more than the destination and not unlike Dorothy's adventures to OZ. Here is how the the characters line up in my story. 

Murphy Cross and Paul Kreppel (The Tornado and the Ruby Slippers) more like guiding forces than mere human characters. Caught in their vortex I am whisk from the safety of Kansas and dropped in the middle of Times Square munchkin land. They are the motivating force (the Tornado) and the magic protection (Ruby slippers).  Their protection fostered a beautiful friendship as well as a working relationship that means more to me than any American Theater Wing trophy. You know how much you "forces of nature" mean to me, Paul and Murphy.  
Roger Gindi  (Glenda the good Witch) was the first "New York Theatrical Producer" to show us the yellow brick road to Oz. He got the team of investors and designers (Munchkins all) to accompany us as far as they could along the yellow brick road to the Atlantic Theatre and the Helen Hayes. Thank you, Roger, for being the first to believe. 
Broadway was like being in Munchkinland.  There were celebrations and awards from the locals but too soon it was time to get on the road.  Alone and wondering which way to go... I meet:
John Ivy (The Scarecrow). He has no idea how smart he is.  He can do anything including spinning gold from the straw which makes up his very being. Together we continued down the road.  John you are a blessing and an incredibly talented friend.  
In a dark part of the journey we meet Bryan Simon and Marge Engesser (collectively the Tin Man). They have a constitution of steel, a chest full of love and an axe to cut through the over growth of film production. Marge and Bryan, if you had not lovingly pushed and insisted on continuing the journey, we would still be wondering how  to get "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only" to those who have not seen it.  Onward and upward, my friends.
Witches and evil apple trees try to keep us from moving forward. We are stopped from continuing, trying to pick up the apples that were thrown at us.  There are always last minute obstacles that seem to be make the path impossible to continue.  Just like Dorothy I was in need of one last bit of help to make it to Emerald City.
Cowardly Lion to the rescue. (Collectively they are Tom Ladshaw and Jeff Dunham). Just like the lion they are not aware of how courageous and important their contribution is in getting me to OZ. They are also the guys behind the curtain working in secret, because they want it that way. Tom, Jeff to both of you I say, Thank you. You are the Kings of the Forrest.
We arrive in Oz on August 9th.  I am hoping the citizens of Emerald city (YOU - the ones reading this) will "demand" to see the show and I will be able to make it back home. (read pay my mortgage)
August 9th for a couple of months on Demand, and December 16 for the DVD. 
Thank you to everyone who has taken me by the hand to walk the Yellow Bricks. I am truly blessed.
As you were,


John Ivy said...

Where's my Diploma??!?!??!

Cheryl said...

Wonderful words about your journey, Jay. Looking so forward to seeing the show in August - and picking up the DVD in December!