Monday, February 24, 2014

From the Perspective of the Corner

Everything is creepy in perspective. Or is it perspective that makes things creepy? I do not know the answer but offer this as an example.
Very often I see a dark shadowy figure, in the house, lurking at the edge of my peripheral vision. Several times it has startled me enough to make me jump.  Every time it turns out to be Sandi's jacket draped over the rolling bag she takes to work.  When it is positioned near the Monkey poster it combines to create a virtual Sasquatch in the corner of the room.  Although I know immediately what has scared me, that knowledge does not keep it from happening again. 
The photo does not communicate
the same impact it has when experienced
in real size. 
The photo does not communicate
the same impact it has when
experience in real size.
It is a matter of perspective

Here is a different kind of perspective. I found out recently that I was not the only one being startled by the shadow in the corner. The image had scared everyone in the family and a few guest who have stayed with us.  So, I ask Sandi not to hang her jacket on the roller board. That would put an end to the shadow people living at the house. 
My oldest son said he didn't understand. Why was I freaking out about a jacket when the next room has a puppet sitting in the chair. He's right. Why did a jacket in front of a poster freak me out when a life size ventriloquist puppet in the next room does not? It's all a matter of perspective. 
So, Is it perspective that make things creepy or is everything creepy in perspective?
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