Saturday, December 14, 2013


Normally my interaction with the TSA is a contentious one. But not this morning. I am pre-screened. That means I get to go through the "security lite" line. They are generally more friendly and less stressed.
So the X-ray guy looks at the screen and says, "What is in there?" Indicating my small black carry on.
I say "That's a puppet."
He looks at it again and says "Works for me."
I said, "Actually he works for me."
There was a rare laugh from the TSA. My day has been made but the plane is late. Just when you thought it was a good day to travel.
As you were

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Bill Matthews said...

You got him to LAUGH??!! WOW! Jay, you truly ARE a master! The last time I dealt with one they pulled my laptop bag out and wanted to know what an small cylindrical object was in the pen holder was. I took it out and demonstrated it was my laser pointer I used for teaching. They said "fine and put it back. Never mind that in the pen holder right next to it was my jack knife that I forgot to take out and leave home! Really makes you feel secure, doesn't it?