Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week End UpDate

Here is something you don't hear every day. 
I was in my own world in the office and Sandi walks in.  She needs to discuss something of importance.  After a few seconds of me trying my best to put on my important face she says,
"I can not talk to you when you have underwear on your hands."
It might take more explanation.  
My unusual friend Richard Garlinghouse gave me this gift in the picture.  It is a pair of Handerpants. He thought that since I had my hand in so many puppets, perhaps a little thought toward hygiene would be appropriate. 
I actually like them a lot and wish they were around when I was drawing cartoon cels on acetate. In the process of painting a cel it was difficult not to leave palm prints all over the clear acetate, the Handerpants would have been perfect. 
It reminds me of a joke.
When a guy has five penises, how do his pants fit?  Answer: Like a glove. 
Thank you Mouse for the gift and the laugh I got from Sandi.
As you were,

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