Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Attention Span and Life

Blogs to Tweets.  
How much time can we spare to listen to someone else?  Well, not always listen, we read or text our interactions now. 
So, How much time can we spare to read about someone else? 
It seems the current human attention span is of the second and dropping.  We are all constantly connected to everybody who is connected so we can "share" what is going on in our life. Aren't we all just talking to ourselves? Who is actually paying attention to what we are doing except ourselves?  
So, the shorter the better... Tweets over Blogs.  Speed over content.  The quicker the thought the better because it will not be retained more than seconds (and dropping) anyway.  I am the only one listening so I might as well say it quick and get on with myself.  Short and aBrvi8ed:  :0
Life is like an unfinished...... 
or is that death?

As I am,


Keith Suranna said...

So true, Jay. Have you ever read any Neil Postman? If not, you may like his book "Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business."


P. Grecian said...

I don't tweet. I always figured I have more than that to say. Tweets are just log lines. I'd rather tell the whole story.

Tracy said...

I agree, it is disheartening that our society now has an attention span of a gnat. As a writer, I tend to be, well, long-winded. But I figure, even it is only me that ends up reading it, I will enjoy, so I refuse to cut myself short....

..... you are right, I am talking to myself, lol.

Kenny Croes said...

As ventriloquists, we've been talking to ourselves for our entire lives. Who needs to pay attention when you already know what the other guy is gonna say?