Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Technical Overload

Between Bob's Vlogs, the FaceBook page, twitter, www. monkeyjoke.com,  www.thetwoandonly.com and actual duties for the up coming filming I'm in overload.  The blog is getting the short shrift of this involvement.
That is a shame as far as I am concerned.  The blog is where I get to think about more than just this performance. If I am not blogging about the show then there is a tug from the capitalist inside of me that says I need to spend the energy in promotion. The problem with all of this social media and Internet traffic is the microscopic attention span of the participants.  It seems if you don't post something most every day you get lost in the avalanche.  And although I think that pictures of cats doing funny things is entertaining, there are just so many that I can absorb in a day.  
The traditional ways of promoting a show or event have changed so radically in the last few years all solid templates are out of date.  It used to be if you could afford a big ad in the local news it was good as gold for attendance.  With print media struggling it is not as good of an investment as it once was.  
All this to say that I miss being able to write about anything that I want to in this blog. It just gets pushed to the back of the "to do list".  
So if there are any readers still checking this blog, it will soon return to normal.  There are only a few weeks before the shoot. 
Thanks for hanging in there, if  you are, keep checking the Jjtwoandonly facebook page for more up to the minute information.  It may be that I have to keep my ramblings to 140 characters and tweet rather than blog.  I'm not sure that I could ever be that succinct and economical with my words but if that becomes the attention span of the general public, I guess that is progress.
More later from these same venues of communication.
As you were,


Anonymous said...

You're doing great, Jay. Keep it up. I enjoy your blogs. They're entertaining and informative. My 10 yr-old son, who's also learning vent, enjoys them, too. We both especially enjoyed your last 2 blogs with Squeaky and Bob, BTW.I wish we would be around to see your show, but I guess we'll just have to wait for the DVD. Thanks for all you've done for the art of Ventriloquism.
Bill Matthews

P. Grecian said...

I check your blog every day. I'll continue to do so. Promise.

Kenny Croes said...

I'm hangin' in. Too much fun to pass it by. Thanks, Jay.

bcnu said...

The Oracle speaks when the gods move him. We mortals must bide our time! :D (btw, Facebook bores the life out of me. Just wanted to say.)

Sarah Grabke said...

I'd like to second Kenny Croes and P. Grecian and want you to know that your blog is too much fun not to check every day, even if there's nothing new. I learned about your blog only a couple of months back, so even with no new entries, I still have a lot to read here. Take your time, Jay, I'll be around here and it seems so will at least some others... ;-)

Ben Veenkamp said...

I'm a big fan and we understand that filming The Two and Only (so the rest of us can see it) is way more important :)

Thanks Jay!