Monday, August 06, 2012

Starbuck Rider...

It was an early morning changing of the guard at Starbucks. The morning crowd arrived to remind the "all nighters" that a new day was here. At first it is hard to tell who has been up all night and who just threw on clothes to stumble in for their first cup of coffee. The recently awakened and the overly tired look very much alike. Eventually business attire outweighs the sweats and casual clothes of the people waiting in line and morning has officially replaced the night. Some patrons continue on to work and others return to their homes for rest. But a select group of others arrive to start their day and make Starbucks their personal office space. They are the Starbuck writers. There are no stats on the number of Starbuck writers who are living and working in the Los Angeles area. My theory is that Starbucks limits their number to three or four per store, but has opened so many stores to accommodate their number.
They come with backpacks and satchels containing all they might need for a field office. I have seen some set their make shift desk with two phones and a stapler. One of the first SW's to arrive gets his pick of the best mobile office position. It is a table for two across from the door and the counter. With his back to the wall his position gives him a perspective on everything that is going on, while at the same time insuring that no one can get behind him to actually see what he is writing on his lap top. This is the prize location, because for the SW it is more important that they be seen writing than actually write something someone can read.
I find it very difficult to write under such conditions and theorize that the SW is not defending their public office space to write but has come for inspiration. They are hoping that the next reality show will walk through the door, they will write it and live on residuals for the rest of their life. Los Angeles is a boom town. You are always just one project and one power meeting away from a deal that will change your life, your career and your neighborhood. It doesn't matter if you have ever written before, the minute you get to Hollywood you see pure crap being sold and aired daily. Surely it did not even take the dedication of showing up at a Starbucks to write that trash... anyone could do it, it is just a matter of timing. That right idea or that right agent or manager could walk through that door any second. You just have to be ready, and most importanly you have to be there. And if opportunity does walk in, it is best that you look busy working on the idea that will make everyone involved a millionaire. At least that is what I see as I am typing away here at Starbucks.
But wait, how about a reality show with the SW's spending their days waiting on that break. The break that will smell of caffine and pastries. Here is hoping that the right agent walks through that door so I can pitch. I need to be a millionaire by 1:00 or I'll have to find some work.
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