Monday, January 02, 2012

Gators and Airboats

My wife is the original activities elf. If she is not traveling with me I turn into a recluse- hermit who never leaves the ship. In fact I rarely leave the cabin except for food and drink. Drink being the operative necessity during a boring voyage.
But my road elf is with me. This the second day of the New Year we are off on a shore excursion into the Everglades of Florida.
Last year when John and I traveled the "Florida Two and Only Tour" we saw plenty of Gators by the side of the road. Sandi missed that thrill and so we are off today to see some wild life.
Of the excursion choices we decided on the airboat gator tour. It seemed to be straight forward with manageable expectations. There was a tour that included watching Alligators and a lunch of Alligator meat; some how that seemed wrong in so many ways.
"Let's save the gators cause they are goood eatin'"
I have to say that the airboat ride was a real thrill. We didn't see that many gators in the wild, since it was somewhat overcast. We did come across a wild herd of free ranging cattle. Cattle in a swamp with cowboys on wave riders? Get along little dolphin!
And now it is time to say good bye to our New Years naval adventure and return tomorrow to LA, where they seem to be burning automobiles. What is that all about? They have not covered the story very much on the international channels of ship board TV... I haven't been home since last year.
As you were,

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Roomie said...

R & S.....
Travel home safely and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family....BTW, they seem to have apprehended the arsonist in L.A.....seems like you will be returning to that sunshine state in a few days.....have a fun tour and....
Carry on,