Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don't Forget the Party Hats
Most of the time I have a pen and paper at the ready to write down things I hear. After all no one can  remember all the important things you hear or experience.  I suppose with the abilities of modern technology one could record their conversations and play them back for recall.  However, who wants to hear the 20 minutes of social intercourse for the 3 seconds of brilliance worth remembering.
The problem is, out of context I sometimes have no idea what my notes mean. At the transcription time I think what I have written will stimulate my memory, that is not always a safe bet.
This morning I came across a torn piece of a cocktail napkin scrawled on with a dry erase marker. Obviously I was not prepared for life changing messages where cocktails were being served, and did not have my usual pen and paper.  The blurred writing said, "Party hats in the emergency bag."
I am trying to recall the context or the intent but since I am not sure how old this wisdom is, the actual meaning has been lost... not unlike the Easter Island statues.
However, I believe that the conversation had come out of a discussion about making earthquake preparations, specifically the emergency kit that all us Californians are supposed to have ready.
My friend Lynn said that she wanted to make sure that the emergency bag contained party hats. For my friend Lynn everything can be the reason to celebrate.
I remember years ago I was waiting to hear about a job I wanted.  Lynn said "Let's celebrate."  I reminded her that I had not gotten the job yet.  She said, "If you get the job we can celebrate again... and if you don't get the job.... at least you got to celebrate before you heard." 
You gotta love that philosophy. 
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Roomie said...

Party Hats...365 days a year...24/7....that's our Lynn....God Bless her!!!! And you too, Goober!!!!
Carry on,