Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life is Too Short?
When I was living in Texas and out of college I made an animated cartoon called Orley the Worm.  I drew all the cells, photographed them on super 8mm film a frame at a time.  I was a man with a mission to experience animation. 
It took me about 4 months and when I got the film back from the drugstore, it was a 47 second long silent film including 15 seconds of credits.  I was stunned by the amount of work I had to do to get under a minute.
Today it is different. You can draw on the computer, save to Imovie and add sound in hours rather than months. So that is what I have done for the last week rather than write a blog.  Here is the result.  I'm not saying it is a candidate for short of the year... nor that it even makes any sense to anyone but me.  But I find the process so much easier now.  However, after all this work I am still sure that life is too short to do much of this.  I hope you enjoy click here to go to  Frog Kroakie:

As you were,


Bob Conrad said...

Maybe you will get an Oscar to go with your Tony, for best short frog movie made by a ventriloquist. I like the "The Fly" touch.

Roomie said...

You just never cease to amaze us with you plethora of talents....Mandy would like for you to do a short film about her and feels strongly that it will be an award winner...somewhere!!!! Just sayin...
Carry on,