Sunday, August 19, 2018

Facing It

Never say “where are all the rockers” at a septuagenarian’s birthday party. 
I was asked why my blog had been taken off the Facebook feed. I immediately went to the idea that I was hacked by some Russian -bot algorithm, electronically impeding my freedom of social media speech.  The truth of the reason is more simplistic.  

The blog feed was not taken down, it was non-active. Being the only contributor I forgot to contribute. Although I have tried to write, that muse has taken leave..
It has been easier to draw than to write. Until that changes here is a drawing that may or may not explain why no one has ever seen pictures of the moon’s dark side? (Musical interlude):
As you were,

1 comment:

Philip Grecian said...

Good to see you back here in your blog...I've...I've missed ya. *sniff*