Thursday, December 08, 2016

Is this @ReallyTrump Happening

There is a political smog that covers the country right now that is causing my eyes to burn and my lungs to feel heavy. It could be my heart that is heavy I am not sure any more.  I have sworn off "news entertainment" both on television and social media.  I have tried to regulate my breathing and blood pressure every time I hear the POS elect's name or hear about yet another member of the "military industrial complex" he has appointed to a cabinet post.  I quickly turn away if there is even a picture of the Orange Embarrassment in my purview. It is actually more work than I want to devote to this mistake in American history, and it is exhausting. 
I have turned to "on demand" broadcasts so I won't be surprised by a "news flash" cutting into my program to tell me that the POS Elect has decided turn the Washington Monument into a golden statue of himself.  I marathoned "Stranger Things" and am now half way through "WestWorld" to keep my attention away from what is happening in Washington, DC.   
The result is total mental confusion.  Now I am not sure what is real.  Is KellyAnne Connelly one of those "hosts" from the WW park. Is the POS the faceless long armed demon that lives in the upside down.  Is it me that is crazy or is everyone else hiding the truth from me.  Doesn't matter.  The more time I can waste until the Trumpmare is over the better.  
At some point I was cross-eyed from the never ending stories on Netflix and paused for a moment.  One of the cable stations kicked in and I was suddenly watching a clip of the "Thank You Rally" POS tour.  I could feel my eyes turn red and my skin crawl.  I wanted to yell at the television, but knew that would do no good.  So... like countless others I decided to confront the OrangeFace Pussy Grabber on his favorite media. I decided to tweet him.  As he was speaking live I tweeted these two missives quickly: 
To my surprise I didn't feel any better.  Instead of yelling at the television I had sent a Tweet. I seriously don't see the thrill the POS gets out of this form of communication.  But a few seconds later I got a response.  The notification comes up on my screen and directs me to my Tweeter feed.  Orange Face had answered. 
Followed by a reply to my second mini-rant: 
Knowing that neither the incoming POS nor any of his staff have a sense of humor, I looked more carefully at the reply. It was a dyslexic mistake on my part.  I had not sent to the POS... but to @realdonaldyrump.  I realized my mistake and sent a reply complimenting the creator of this parody. The response was clearly from a person with whom I have much in common.  My hat is off and I lift a drink to the person who is ready with a little light hearted parody to national rage.  It defused me.
With a renewed confusion over what is real and what is not, I went back to watching "Westworld". The need to scream out at the television or flame a pompous asshole POS elect with a tweet has been satisfied and exorcised. 
As you were,



Dave Robison said...

After Westworld and Stranger Things, you should try The Crown on Netflix. It's political but Britain-political. Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill played by John Lithgow, and lots of Royals with cancer still puffing away on cigarettes in the 1950s.

Think of it as Downton Abbey Meets West Wing. (which I'm sure was the pitch)

P. Grecian said...

“Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place.”-Mark Twain

That hangs on my wall. It has saved me more times than I can count, Jay.

I figure Mr. Trump will be done within the first year. I think he's looking for a way out. I think he knows he's in over his head...and I think he'll say, "I have to quit to save my business concerns from the ineptitude of my children...because I'm a winner." Watch him throw 'em under the bus. Could be another stated reason, dunno...but whatever it is, it won't be about him being in over his head or losing.
Pence would then be president...but he is at least a political animal who can be controlled by his party. And yes, his party has been pretty hateful the last number of years...but they figure on careers in politics as does Pence, and they're not likely to set fire to their futures. Trump is dabbling in politics for the free publicity and the note on his resume' and he might do ANYTHING as a result of his narcissism.
Like you, I can't watch or hear Donald Trump without becoming literally (not figuratively) ill.
But I refer you to Grecian's Law # 1: Good guys finish first--at last, as well as the corollary: bad guys finish last, it just takes a little time.
Be of good faith and cheer, my friend, the era of Trump will be short and the damage will be reparable. There will be some nasty scars...but good guys will win and bad guys will lose.
You're a good guy.
Always have been.