Monday, July 11, 2016

Lucky Monday -

I am not really keen on numbers, except for purposes of superstition.  I have always thought that my birthday July 11-  or 7/11 was very lucky. Growing up I just assumed the numbers had blessed me and I was preordained to be lucky.  Looking back today on 67 years I would say I have absolutely been lucky, blessed and guided.  
Normally I would not give my actual age to anyone but a doctor. I would certainly not publish it in a blog. But thanks to this math based Internet, my age is easily available online.  So..I'm 67. There I said it again, So, let's move on. 
I don't put much importance in a number as the indicator of age. I'm not sure what "age" is if not a generalization or stereotype.  I know people who are young in their mid 80's and others who are old in their mid 50's.  In those cases the number attached to their existence is totally meaningless.  
However, my number of years on this Earth has taught me one thing for sure. It is the worst thing one can do at this point in life: talk about your age. No one wants to hear it. They no longer sell parts for the way things used to be. If it was so great back in those days, they would still be doing it that way. 

In my mind I'm still a twenty-five year old man, in my mirror I'm reminded that no one else sees it that way. I don't know how I am supposed to be or feel at this age of my life. I've never been this old before. I will be saying that every year for the rest of my life with no hope of ever finding the answer.  
Looking back, the thing I value most in my life is friendship. To laugh, and lounge with friends under most any circumstance is "golden time" to me.

"He deserves Paradise who makes his companions laugh." From the Koran

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. We will all celebrate when next we meet.  
As you were,


P. Grecian said...

Once, a few years ago. I suffered an injury onstage (I fell through a trap door incorrectly), and they had to fill out paperwork about it.
"What's your age?" asked the young woman.
"Oh, I don't care to tell you that."
"You've got to. There's a blank on the form for it."
"I used to design those forms many years ago. There's a blank because someone thought there should be, not because anyone really needs to know."
She kept at me and finally I said, "Okay, but don't tell anyone."
When I told her, her eyes got big, she backed up a step and said, "No way!"
I went back to the dressing room to get ready and another actor in the show, about ten years older than I, said, "What's the matter. You look unhappy."
"Oh, I broke my rule and told the gal my age for the accident form."
He put down his makeup pencil, turned away from the mirror and said, "Never tell them your age; they'll never take you seriously."
Prolly good advice.
I've never felt as old as I am...and, like you, Jay, don't know what "as old as I am" is supposed to feel like. Agewise, you and I are in the same ballpark...but I've always felt about 28.
I have said my whole life that, wherever you go, when you die, they let you be 28.
It's the perfect age.
You have all the energy of youth...and you're old enough that people take you seriously.
And, as the man said, "So it goes."

Dave Robison said...

It's become a tradition to wish you Merry "That Day" on your blog and at Facebook.

I always tell people my age when I'm on stage, but I'm quick to say that from the neck up, I'm still 19...from the neck down, you take what you can get.

It seems strange remembering I once told a newspaper reporter when I was 16, that I wanted to be just like you. 13 years difference seemed like a long time then, and now we are practically the same age.

And it hasn't change, only now I envy the writing more than the ventriloquism.

Happy Birthday My Virtual Friend!