Tuesday, November 03, 2015

American Politics

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So this is my statement on the current status of American Politics. To those who have eyes let them hear. 

I am sure that some will not agree with me, while others will.  

Although some of my more conservative readers take anything I say out of context, I hope that before posting their rants, they will consider the impact those words may have on the informed electorate.

I did not draw this  because Ben Carson seems to have taken the lead over Donald Trump, or that Jeb Bush seems to be in a political free fall. It is not a statement of Ted Cruz's fear mongering, nor Marco Rubio's inablility to tell the truth.   And I most certainly did not draw it because Bernie Sanders seems to be loosing ground to Hillary Clinton.
In fact this is a completey nonpartisan statment. It is intended only to point out the American Principles we have rejected over the last few years. Nothing gets done in Congress because grown legislators are acting like spoiled three year old children. But that is redundant since the picture says it much better than I could state it.   
Although this pictorial statement may be harsh toward Mike Huckabee, it is not his political standing that it refers to but the questionable content of his character.
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