Friday, August 07, 2015

The Ding-a-ling Brothers GOP Circus

"He wears a mask and his face grows to fit it."
Calling this Fox television show a debate is like calling the "Jerry Springer Show" the news.  It was a circus without the thrill of the acrobats. And as with every circus when the clowns take over the ring, it is chaos. Each clown trying to do their own thing and upstage the others for attention.  Some have well rehearsed routines which they mash into any space that becomes available. But nothing of substance is ever accomplished, the clowns are there for one reason,  to kill time so the real performers can get ready for the next act. Unfortunately in this circus there was no "next act", only the extreme actions of a bunch of pompous posers.   
The three Ringmasters of the circus attempted to make the circus as much like an open audition for "American Idol" as they could.  They even sat at a long table in front of the "candidates" with their backs to the audience hurling carefully chosen "questions" at the panel.  They all took on the role of Simon Cowl. Of course, Megyn Kelly, cliché punchline to a blond joke, asked the question about "respecting women" to Donald Trump. Trump basically denied calling any women Fat pigs, dogs, slobs or animals... except Rosie O'Donald.  It was a talk show answer that didn't fit the pretend assumption that this show was serious.   
In fact all three "moderators" (including Chris Wallace and Bill Bier) were acting not as journalists but as provocateurs.  The questions did not solicite information about how they would make a good president, but the questions were designed to ignite snarky remarks toward each other.  No one really stumbled with a Rick Perry "Oops" moment, but no one stood out as a clear leader either. They each stuck to their stump clown routines that were too well rehearsed.  As all politically themed variety shows the guest talked more about what others have done wrong rather than what they could do correctly. 
The way it worked out Donald Trump took up the most time with 11 minutes. Jeb Bush came in second with 8 monutes. Rand Paul had the least amount of time with just over 5 minutes, (most of that time spent yelling over Chris Christy). It is telling that in a two hour show none of the "prospects" got any more than `11 minutes to state their qualifications. Although in my opinion Jeb Bush had too much time.  He is the most boring person to run for President since Millard Fillmore.  So what was learned from this Circus experience?
Here is my take away from the Circus. Whomever wins the Presidency from the GOP will have a very, very busy first day of their administration.  Out of all the candidates in the ring who were asked the question, "What would you do the first day as President?" none said they would do anything progressive.  Their answers were about what they would immediately undo. Repeal Obamacare, repeal the Iran Agreement, defund planned parenthood, medicare and entitlements, amnesty for illegals, were some of the immediate things that would be repealed "day one". Earlier at the "happy hour" warm up circus, Rick Perry said on his first day he would bring a whole bottle of white out. (As a side note, "white out" was used back in my college days to correct mistakes made on a type written page. It was a big deal before computers. It is a reference that is as dated as most of Mr. Perry's ideas about government) 
On Lindsay Graham's first day he would immediately declare war on Iran and send troupes back to Iraq, and several would begin construction on a fence to keep out Mexicans.  Marco Rubio was the only one who realized that not every person coming across the border illegally is Mexican. Being of Hispanic origin he knew there are more countries to our southern border than just Mexico.  
Ted Cruz got to preach for a few minutes. Cruz has a voice that sounds  like a cartoon character to me. What he says is even more cartoonish than his voice.  Adding to his surreality is a style of speaking that more and more has the rhythm and cadence of  a "fire and brimstone" minister. 
Second most boring to Bush was Dr. Ben Carson. There is a tendency to confuse his total lack of leadership qualities for intellect. He is so unqualified to be in the running his oblivious style makes him appealing to those who are tired of the slick well rehearsed personalities of real politicians.  I was told one time, "Never confuse silent stupidity for intellectual contemplation."   
As the tent was coming down and the elephants rounded up the pundits began to dissect the show. Most reported the event from the perspective of Donald Trump. In fact though 
Trump got double the average time on the circus stage, he got more than that proportion of coverage after the fact.  It all seemed to hinge on the first question asked to all the clowns.  "Would you support the candidate chosen from this process."  Sounded to me like it was the oath given to prospective members of the Nazi party. Only Donald Trump was honest enough to say he would not pledge allegiance to the Party.  To me it showed his honesty and independence.  He would not blindly follow an unnamed person as leader just because he was of a certain political party. 
Focus groups seemed to have cooled a little on the Donald, talking mostly about Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.  For me, I heard nothing that made me want to join any one's circus wagon. It was all about what they would "undo" not what they would "do" for the country.  We have had 8 years of the government getting nothing done, what these clowns want to do is repeal anything that was done during that time.  
Do we really have more than a year left to hear the same BS?  Apparently so.  It seems this circus has decided to not leave town. That may be a good thing because there didn't seem to be anyone who was ready to run away and join. 
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Love you Jay!
So glad we escaped Texas, the majority from our school are effing RepuGlicans.
I just don't get it.


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Larry Schear said...

Love your perspective!! I wonder who will get voted off the island in the next episode "Can You Handle this Question?"