Friday, July 10, 2015

Seven, Eleven ---

"LeMona" the Birthday Clown
I was born on July 11 at 4:37 am. That's 7/11. If you add the first two digits of the time I was born you get 7, 7 is also the last digit of the time. If you add the first and last digit of the time (4 +7) you get 11.  Things seem to express themselves to me in 7's and 11's. I am very comfortable with the way my numerology worked out.  
But when you travel outside the USA your numerology gets all messed up.
Instead of God's way of expressing a date: 
some governments demand their forms be completed in this format: 
This is stressful even for those who are not dyslexic. 
Okay to be honest day/month/year is a more logical way to express a date, going from the smallest units to the largest units of  time measurement.  But that is not the way we learned it at Abernathy, Texas Public School.  The world should have gotten to gather then and decided which way this date format would go. But they didn't. 
I like my birthday numerology just the way it is. Seven-eleven. Sounds lucky.  It is lucky. Seven and eleven are big numbers in the game of craps. You can split the numbers of 7 and 11 on a roulette wheel with one chip.  I grew up singing this lyric in the  60's: "Hearing seven come eleven now in the boys gym...Charlie Brown..." from the song entitled Charlie Brown by the Drifters.  Gambling and folk lore have bestowed mystical qualities on the numbers 7 and 11. They are lucky for me.  My first and middle names have a total of 7 letters. My last name also has 7 letters.  My legal name with middle initial is a total of 11 letters. I always try to hide a 7 in every picture I draw.  My son's first name has 7 letters.. Seven / Eleven... is lucky.  July 11, that's 7/11 . NOT 11/7... you Canadians. Let me enjoy the pagan ritual of random assignment of numbers and the joy it brings, one day a year.
So... since I am not leaving the country today.... Today I am the master of my numbers. Happy Birthday 7/11 to me. 
As it is,

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Bob Baker said...

I hate to correct my favorite vent, but it was The Coasters, not The Drifters. Either way, they were not self-propelled.