Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Am I Blue?

I don't write too much about politics. It's the same as writing about religion, no one is looking to change their own ideas- only everyone else's. Some people are expecting change now that the Republicans control both houses of Congress.  No doubt things will be different, but I do not think things will change.  Here is my reasoning.

For the last six years the Republicans have disagreed with everything done by this administration. There was never an alternative compromise plan, or suggestions on how to make better laws, just a flat out "no" for every idea.  Even when it meant closing the government, losing our top credit rating and showing complete lack of respect for the office of President. In fact it was sometimes hard to distinguish between mere disagreement and personal contempt for the man  currently holding the office. The only strategy was to create failure and reflect poorly on the present administration.  There were no such words as bipartisanship, compromise or phrases like "working together". It was the idea that the bigger the fall of the current administration, the greater the bounce for the GOP.

Well, now they have the congressional steering wheel and right wingers are proclaiming a return to good old unregulated capitalism and an end to grid lock. It was accomplished by spending more money than has ever been spent on mid-term elections with almost exclusively negative ads.  It resulted in a lack luster turn out and electorate interest that wained the longer it continued.  
Even before yesterday's election wing nuts like Ted Cruz were suggesting that his ilk might not vote for or support Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader.  I rest my case. The Republican party has spent so much time getting salacious negative headlines, they have forgotten how to govern.  Old habits die hard and I don't think just because one of their own is now in charge of the Senate it will be enough to change the stripes of the tigers. 
Take for example out going governor of Texas Rick Perry.  No one has been more out spoken about his hatred of the National Health Care Reform or this administration and this President.  He also believes that the National Government is too involved in the affairs of his ruby colored Texas constituents.  But then Ebola comes to Dallas, a big city in his own State.  His response? "It is up to the National Government to do something about this (potential pandemic.)" Like most people who sit on the sidelines and yell at the coach, when it is their turn to lead a team they've got nothing.
This last congressional class has been the least productive of any Congress in the history of the United States.  Their approval rating is lower than the Presidents approval ratings.  Congress is a punchline to every talk show host and Comedy Club Comic performing (except maybe Dennis Miller... who has become a punch line unto himself).  
The Republicans have been the party of "no" for so long I believe it will take some time to change course.  The government won't change, but the rhetoric will.  For the next two years expect the majority leader of both Houses of Congress to say things like.... "We can't fix things over night... they have been in charge for 6 years."  Or  "We can't do anything while there is a Lame Duck presidency."
Starting today no matter what happens the Republicans will be touting the idea that they can't do anything until they get their own president in the White House.  This "change in leadership" that was heralded with the taking of the Senate is only the "loss leader".  They will be kicking responsibility of governing "for the people" down the road to 2016.  Plus for the last few years the Republicans have given the Democrats a road map on how to keep Congress from acting on anything... karma is a bitch no matter what color is takes.  
In the mean time the peon electorate continues to struggle with almost no consideration or concern from the "ruling" class.  I wouldn't care what "political party" is in charge if they would make laws and rules that made it easier for me to live my own life. Neither party will because the "new breed" of politician in both parties is not a statesman nor a diplomat but a self centered egotist that is in the game only for themselves.... no one is working for their constitutes.   Today I am not purple, red or I am just pissed. Pissed that politics has become an expensive "let them eat cake" game for the wealthy to play. 
Just my opinion. I'm not trying to change yours.... (That's what's called working together respectfully)
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P. Grecian said...

I just decided to try not talking about politics. I'm deeply disappointed in the voters. Mencken was right.