Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Opening Act

Today is August 9th the anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki. It is also the day our PPV premiers. I certainly hope that is the only connection to "bomb" and  Jay Johnson:The Two and Only.
There will be no opening night party tonight like is the tradition in New York.  However, Sandi and I plan to celebrate by watching our friend  Richard Kauffman  conduct the Pacific Symphony at the Verizon Theater in Irvine. Richard will conduct the score to Disney's Fantasia played live in sync with the film. Richard is a master at this amazing feat. We have been honored to watch him do the same magic with the films, Wizard of Oz and Chaplin's City Lights. Fantasia is one of my all time favorite films and I can't wait to watch it LIVE.
I have already had messages from friends who watched Jay Johnson: The Two and Only on PPV early this morning.  They are the electronic equivalent of "first nighters" I suppose.  There is an odd situation that I would not have ever thought about in this  day of "special delivery television". 
It seems that the channel where my show will be shown, in some markets, is the "Adult Entertainment" channel.  It means that Jay Johnson:The Two and Only is listed along with titles like..."Hot Wet Mama",  "Dude Where's my Dildo?" and "Bleeping Miss Buffy." With a ventriloquist show along side such company  it gives the title "Deep Throat" a new meaning.  I certainly hope that some of my techno challenged friends do not accidentally pay for the wrong title.  I might not ever be able to explain that to my Texas Southern Baptists relatives. I am waiting for someone who thinks they saw my show to tell me how good I look in Tighty whities. 
In my career I never had to open for strippers.  I made my way into the ultra family entertainment of Theme parks when I was too young to work the strip joints. I guess Karma has come back to straighten out that "missed career opportunity" dressed in black fish nets.  Must be my turn to become the comedia intruptus on PPV. 
There are some things that a "producer/writer/performer" like myself has no control over.  This ventrilo-hard core mash up is one of them. It's funny. It has been difficult for people to find my show on the television schedule, I suspect there will be a certain number of fans who will  now find my show by total accident.  My friend and fabulous writer Evan Davis  once wrote: "I found by accident.... I was searching for some really tall women on line."  I have the feeling the show may find a whole new market.
So brave the "On Slut" and look for Jay Johnson: The Two and Only on your local pay for porno channel and watch.  Or if you are the least bit offended by the company a Tony®Award winning show shares on cable television... download direct from iNDEMAND to your computer or buy the DVD.
Remember  only you can save a wooden child from continuing this less than wholesome television company.
Enjoy my show... some how...
As you were,


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Gwyn Oswin said...

We spent several hours wrestling with our computer order/playback of the show last night, but we finally got it sorted out and settled in to watch. We laughed -- and we cried. It was brilliant, Jay. Absolutely brilliant. And yay for it being on DVD before Christmas (because guess what everyone we know is getting)!

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