Monday, November 04, 2013

Auditory Joke

"We deriver"
It was  millionaire publisher Charles Foster Kane who declared, "Just get me the picture and I'll provide the story." The editorial direction of TWIAS (this blog) patterns itself after the Kane declaration of journalism.  
Here is the picture and I am trying to blog a joke which will connect text and image. Unfortunately, the joke I have in mind is a uniquely linguistic joke that should only be spoken  out loud.  I am not sure it can actually  be written in prose or text, but here goes. *
I suggest that the reader speak the joke out loud, as written, to comprehend the vocal inflections and phonics that impact the timing of the humor.
A man orders a chicken dish at a Chinese restaurant. After he has had a chance to taste it the Asian waiter asks, "How you chicken dinnea?" 
The man thinks for a moment and says, "Well to be honest the chicken was rubbery."
The waiter beams and says, "Shank You Berry Mush. Grad you rike it." *
Be the life of the party. Repeat this joke out loud as often as you can for your friends and family until you are sure it is no longer funny.
As you were,
*Ignore the following paragraph. 


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Pete Biro said...

How do you prepare chicken here? First, we sit it down and say, "We don't think you're going to survive." Bada boom.