Monday, November 05, 2012

Argo F yourself

If you have seen the movie Argo you will know the reference to this title. Sandi and I saw the movie this weekend in the Archlight Movie theatre at the Galleria.  I'm not a movie critic, but it is a good movie and well worth seeing for my entertainment value.
If you have never seen a movie in the Los Angeles area before, there is a different code of courtesy here than in most cities that every movie goer abides by.  Since there is a greater likely - hood of people who worked on the movie living here; the audiences stay through the credits to see their own name or the name of friends.  That is just the way it works.
So when an older man dashed out the emergency exit to the right of the screen the minute the credits began to roll flooding the theatre with light, everyone took notice.  Toward the end of the credits there was a distinct knocking on the exit door where the man had left.  Obviously it did not lead where he thought and he could not get back in.  The knock continued louder.  It eventually became a pounding.
There was a giggle that wafted through the audience as everyone became aware of what had happened to the "discourteous man".   The knock continued.  Even louder than the knock was the voice from a patron in the back of the theatre yelling..... "Don't let him in".  There was another laugh from the audience as everyone began exiting through the proper doors.  Finally an usher came to the man's rescue, the rest of the audience ignored him. 
As reality imitates art, borrowing from the tag line in the movie.... "Argo F---- yourself, Mr." 
As you were,


P. Grecian said...

That's great. Here in Kansas my family and I sit through the credits. We're movie nuts. We usually wind up sitting alone in an empty theatre. :-)

bcnu said...

I like reading the credits sometimes, just in case there's a joke in there or maybe a song I want to hear. But I have to say, it makes me sad that no one let the man back in. He may have meant no discourtesy; apparently he waited as long as he could. Good thing I don't live in LA, huh?

Tracy said...

We are now "credit watchers" as well, after seeing Dallas' name twice on the big screen. As a parent it does you proud. And, for anyone who is expecting a child (or grandchild - in the case of a pushy grandparent *looking around, not pointing fingers at myself*), it is a great place to find some cool names.