Thursday, July 08, 2010

Congratulations to Fred Willard who garnered an Emmy nomination for a role in "Modern Family" this year. Fred is one of the most unique and inventive comedy actors working today. His capacity for spontaneous character comedy seems endless. I have always been a fan.

Fred is my friend and neighbor and the parties at his house are always high on the must attend list. His wife Mary, a comedy writer, is the earth mother to an eclectic group of TV actors and comedy writers that is a who's who list of situation comedy. Mary and Fred's 4th of July party this last weekend reached new heights in fun. It would be great to add an Emmy to Fred's mantle. I think it is time that people acknowledge his talent officially.

Jim Parsons who plays Leonard, the OCD nerdy star of "The Big Bang Theory" got a nomination for best actor in a comedy series this year. Sandi works on that show and is always talking about how great Jim is not only as an actor but as a person as well. I will have a personal interest in hoping that Jim wins since that will mean a longer run for the show and a longer run for Sandi. Since Fred and Jim are not competing in the same category I will be able to root for them both.

For years I kept an Emmy Nomination speech in my back pocket in hopes that it would happen. Although SOAP was nominated several times and several of the main characters won, I never came close. I eventually got to deliver a form of that speech to a packed house at Radio City Music Hall when receiving the Tony Award. It never hurts to be prepared. You never know.

As you were,


Dave Robison said...

I could actually see you playing a recurring role as a less-nerdy professor and/or scientist on Big Bang Theory(recurring roles are always good for an Emmy)I think the pitch for the role would be sans ventriloquism OR possibly providing a ventriloquial voice for a sober Raj in a social situation with females present.

In any instant, I see your character as more social, yet somewhat chaotic and lively. Maybe a touch of Christopher Lloyd's "Doc Brown"

It's something to think about.


Roomie said...

And what a speech and award it was for you....and so well deserved...and Eddie introduced it and you....never mind the Emmy....a Tony is much more prestigious and looks better on your mantle......but I do agree with dave that you would be a hoot on TBBT...I have become quite a fan of the show of late....getting ready for YOUR day coming up, I hope....
Carry on,