Monday, November 09, 2009

Shameless Promotion
Twenty-five Days before we open at the Colony Theatre. It is such a treat to be doing the show in town. I love that theatre and the fact that I can sleep in my own bed is s huge bonus. According to the stats most of the readers of this blog are not close enough to LA or Burbank to come to the show... but it is a small world. Tell your friends.

I am also taking the space in the attached Art Gallery at the Colony Theatre to display some of my paintings. That was a big hit last time we played that Theatre. Different stuff this time. One lady from the last exhibit looked at my stuff and said, "Obviously this is an artist who deals with depression." I don't know who can be more brutal, theatre critics or art critics.

As you were,


Bob Conrad said...

Sorry Jay,I live in New Jersy, but next time your in NYC, I'll be there.

Neale Bacon said...

I didn't know you were a painter too.

Roomie said...

Why is it SHAMELESS PROMOTION? Who else is going to do it for you.....take pics of the paintings....but we can't have anything dark in the retirement home, you know.....we love you and want you to....
Carry on,
B&P aka Bear and Pup if you have named us or perhaps John or Lori Ann did....who can remember?