Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the Road

I guess this almost qualifies as a tweet. I don't plan to write very much.

I am off this morning for the Vent conVENTion. It is rare that I attend this gathering but I am looking forward to connecting with some old friends.

More on this adventure later. I sure do miss Jam Shade Wednesdays.
As you were,

1 comment:

Roomie said...

WE MISS JS AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!
Mandy and I promise to read Jam Shade and make NO comments, either positive or negative, as you are the writer and we....merely the readers of this wonderful adventure with all those "BFlat
7th chords" and "organ swells" (YIKES, I said it again).....can hardly wait for its return....JUST DO IT!!!!!
Carry on,
Where is the VENT convention, anyway?